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We are pleased to invite you to join our exclusive ODT Elites, allowing you as our esteemed business associates to access our customised benefits and privileges. We shall appreciate your company with undivided attention, as you journey with us through prestigious Arts & Business events.

As an ODT Elite, your annual programme fee of SGD$1,000 will allow you to enjoy the privileges below:

Specially for you

Invite to exclusive access to private receptions and events with VIPs

Invite to high level roundtables & closed door events

Invite to events at premiere invitation with brand exposure

Invite to be on a speaker for events

Invite to become a partner for events

Invite to C-Suite Breakfast Meeting

Invite to participate in committees

Invite to Gala Dinner with our Founder

Invite to contribute editorial thought leadership articles on ODT online publications 

Invite to be featured on interview on ODT Media Channel

Invite to listing & access of ODT Elite Club Directory

Invite to be acknowledged for sponsorship support at major events

Invite to enjoy preferential and priority registrations for all arts and business events

Specially for your company / clienteles

Invite to C-Suite Breakfast Meeting for your company’s senior executive

Invite to receive discount packages for your employees to ODT events

Invite to place company logo and information on ODT media platforms

Invite to be a sponsor of special events and monthly meetings

Invite to share a special discount for your guest to enjoy on ODT events and services

Invite to partner with ODT Gem and its facilities for your company’s events

Invite to enjoy preferential and priority registrations for all arts and business events

Contact us at (65) 9795 8928 now!


Partner us and be part of our artistic legacy now!

Thanks for submitting!

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