We are looking for committed and energetic volunteers interested in contributing to the development of arts / dance within the community. There are various ways in how you can volunteer.



Regular Volunteers
Committed and energetic volunteers who can commit regularly can support in the areas of Programmes, Production & Logistics, depending on their skills and interest.

Professionals with a specific area of expertise such as in the area of arts, designs, arts management and social services are welcomed to share their skills and knowledge.

Ad-Hoc Volunteers
Ad-Hoc Volunteers can support in the areas of Production and Logistics, such as Volunteer Drivers & Movers.



  • All applicants must be at least 17 years old and above.

Contact us at odtgives@gmail.com to discuss the possibilities of involvement. We can help you explore the option that best suits your interest and abilities.


odtgives@gmail.com | +65 9795 8928 | 2 Sims Close, Gemini@Sims, #07-06, Singapore 387298

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